The Life Matters Radio ShowThe Life Matters radio show is about exactly that – life mattering!

Ruth Gravelle presented the Life Matters show with Chelmsford Community Radio during 2016 and 2017.  Guests were invited to share and discuss their message related to health, education, wellbeing, learning differences, spirituality, religion, care in the community or something altogether different.

Life Matters – Listen to the shows

29.10.17. A Life Narrative is provided by Jean of Chelmsford who was born in the late 1920’s and talks about some of her life experiences, which includes marrying a German prisoner of war. Jean’s closing message to listeners is “to try and be a bit kinder to one another.”

22.10.17. Self-publishing is the topic of conversation with author Val Blackburn who has recently published a children’s story, Jasper the Firefighting Dragon.

15.10.17. Buddhism is the topic of conversation with Buddhist teacher Ian Blake-Lawson.

08.10.17. The work of the Multi-Sensory Training Centre at Colchester is discussed with my guests Dr Annette Grounds – Behavioural Optometrist, Hayley Green – Primitive Reflex Specialist and Dan Edwards – Dispensing Optician and partner at Patrick & Menzies.

01.10.17. Dyslexia Awareness Week which runs from Monday 2nd to Sunday 8th October 2017 and the show theme is Positive about Dyslexia. My guests are Jared Bates an adult with dyslexia who is also a presenter at CCR and Marilyn Smith who works as a specialist teacher/assessor.

10.09.17. Ian Blake-Lawson talks about his work and involvement with The League Against Cruel Sports. Ian explains, despite legislation fox hunting still continues. To find out how you can help to stop this and other Cruel Sports please visit:

27.08.17. This show is about the work of screenwriter, playwright and novelist, Laline Paull. Laline’s debut book, The Bees (2014) won her a Baileys prize short-listing, and her most recent novel The Ice was published in May 2017. I play sections of an interview recently recorded with Laline, whose books resonate important messages about the natural world.

20.08.17. ‘Intuitive Equine Readings’ will be described and discussed with Gayle Ritson Harvey

13.08.17. ‘Improving Your Sleep’ will be the topic of conversation with Julia Magnay from Live Enriched

06.08.17. ‘Vision and Dyslexia’– interviewing Professor Bruce Evans, who works as an optometrist based in Shenfield. He is author of Dyslexia and Vision (2001, Whurr), and Vision and Reading Difficulties (2010) for opticians. Cole Martin Tregakis Optometrists

30.07.17. Epilepsy Awareness is provided my guest, Iain Blake-Lawson from South East Essex Epilepsy Support Group. Ian informs us about the issue of epilepsy, describing some of his personal experiences and telling us how people can access information and support in Essex:

23.07.17. ‘Radio Therapy’ is the title of this show. My guest is Michelle Durrant described her experiences in radio work; her journey, creativity and ability to inspire others, as therapeutic.

09.07.17. ‘Hypnosis’ is the topic of discussion. Ruth provides a description of hypnosis, a historic overview and references research into the subject.

02.07.17. ‘A Life Narrative’ – Gary Atkinson interviews Ruth Gravelle. Ruth describes some of her strengths and challenges growing up with the dyslexic learning differences and makes links with her present work as a dyslexia specialist, hypnotherapist and volunteer radio presenter.

25.06.17. The subject of ‘Grounding/Earthing’ is discussed with my guest Gary Atkinson. We look at the history of grounding, some of its claims and the science behind it.

18.06.17. On this radio show we talk with Tom Mawdsley, a judo black belt and member of Paralympic Team GB. He describes some of his experiences of ‘living with Asperger Syndrome’ (ASD), his education, work, socialising, judo and his hopes and dreams.

11.06.17. ‘Sikhism’ is the the topic of conversation with my guest, open university student Claire Waspe. Claire describes some aspects of Sikhism focusing on equality, beliefs and the idea of the ‘vibration of god’.

04.08.17. The work of Interact, ‘supporting disabled and disadvantaged young people’ with special needs and their families, is the topic of conversation. Ruth Gravelle interviews InterAct employees Susie Nankivell, Lucy Hazell and Ali Perrett. InterAct, amongst other things, supports families to complete applications for Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP). They are also looking for more volunteers.

28.05.17. ‘The Issue of Fracking’ is the topic of conversation on this radio show with my guest Gary Atkinson. We look at what fracking is, its safety and how it has already affected the health of those living near fracking wells around the world. We then consider the impact this could have if we forge ahead with fracking in the UK.

21.05.17. The work of ‘Create and Flourish’ CIC is the topic of discussion on this radio show. My guests are  Triss  Norman and Sharon Chan who work in creative ways to enable adults to improve their mental and/or physical wellbeing. They run Create and Flourish based at Burnham on Crouch, supporting people across Essex.

14.05.17. Dyslexia is the topic of conversation with my guest Educational Psychologist Dr Sue Warnock who worked for the former Dyslexia Action’s Chelmsford Learning Centre. Sue continues to assess in Chelmsford, Essex and in the a East Midlands.

07.05.17. Brain injury awareness week (8-16 May) is promoted by Jo Hockley from Headway Essex and Melissa Parker. Melissa experienced a brain haemoridge in 2011 and has been connected with Headway since that time. She describes some of her experiences and how her life has changed since 2011.

30.05.17. ‘We love to boogie’ is the topic of conversation in this Life Matters show. Ruth Gravelle’s guest, A Level student Anna-Louise, is talking about her experience of dance; the benefits and diversity within dance and making suggestions for how people can get involved.

23.04.17. ‘Mind, Body and Spirit Events’ are discussed with Ruth Gravelle’s guest Jason Bird. He and his partner Genny Sapiro organise such events in Essex, with the next on on Sunday 7th May at Brentwood Leisure Centre. Topics of discussion include the emotions of fear and guilt, as well as love, Reiki, Buddhism, Karma, Meditation and Spiritual development.

16.04.17. ‘Living with Dyslexia’ is discussed.
Ruth Gravelle plays an interview previously recorded with psychologist, Deborah Smith. Click here for the original recording.

09.04.17. ‘Discover your inner hero’ is the topic of conversation on this show. My guest Tracey Corlett, a mum, mentor and master trainer describes some of the courses she runs at The Nesting Place, Chelmsford, helping empower people, particularly women.

02.04.17. ‘Let’s face the music and dance’ is the topic of conversation with Ruth Gravelle’s guests, national level dancers John and Linda West. The show starts after 3 minutes.

26.03.17. ‘Let food be your medicine’ is the topic of conversation with Ruth Gravelle’s guest, nutritionist, author and TV chef Juliette Bryant. Starts 6 minutes in .

19.03.17. My guest is Gary Atkinson. We talk about Rupert Sheldrake, a biochemist and author whose theories are considered somewhat controversial by the mainstream science, including his book The Science Delusion. Music includes The Moss by Cosmo Sheldrake, Pachelbel’s Canon in D and Fields of Gold by Sting.

12.03.17. My guest is Jo Hockey from Headway Essex, a charity providing brain injury care and support. Headway Essex is always on the look out for volunteers, please get in touch with them if you can help.

05.03.17. “Free You” is the topic of conversation with my guest Sylvia Ingke, a hypnotherapist who trained with Dr Paul McKenna using Havening techniques to help people free themselves from issues such as trauma, overeating, fears and phobias.

26.02.17. Fertility and Hypno-birthing are the main topic of discussion in this show with my guest Steph Granger. Steph is a fertility and birth therapist and runs a business in Chelmsford called The Nesting Place.

19.02.17. Massage, Reiki and energy balancing, along with the need to reduce stress and live a healthier lifestyle, is the topic of conversation with Katie Warren who works as a massage and energy therapist based at Maldon, Essex.

12.02.17. Life from a spiritual perspective is the topic of conversation with my guests Margaret Johannason and Sandra Barrett from Chelmsford Spiritualist Society.

05.02.17  The life and work of Nikola Tesla is the topic of discussion in this show with my guest Gary Atkinson. We look at his early life and consider some of the myths that are attributed to him. There are his known and published achievements as well as those that remain a secret within mainstream science but which may have already been exploited.

29.01.17  Planned obsolescence is the topic of discussion in this show with my guest Gary Atkinson. We discuss the life span of light bulbs, why modern products cannot be repaired, perceived obsolescence and the urge we have to always wear the latest fashions, have the latest technology and the effect this has on the disposal of all our redundant junk. We also consider what as individuals we can do about it.

22.01.17  The significance Of Dreams is the topic of consideration for this show. A brief overview and history of dreams is included.

15.01.17  The Work of David Icke is the subject of this show. David is often described as a conspiricy theorist, researcher, author and public speaker. Following a spiritual awakening over 25 years ago David began to view the world in some ways which challenge the belief system of most people! One of his quotations is, “We don’t fight for peace, we peace for peace”.

08.01.17  The work of Deepak Chopra is the subject of this show. Deepak is one of my influential YouTube teachers, New York Times best selling author of more than 50 books, founder of the Chopra foundation, also widely described as an alternative medicine advocate, public speaker and prominent figure in the new age awakening. He is also considered somewhat controversial by some mainstream thinkers.

18.12.16  Grow your own happiness is the topic of discussion with my guest Deborah Smith,  describing mindfulness, positive psychology and her research in this field. Deborah offers some great examples of her work, including how the practice of a loving kindness meditation helps children in schools. Deborah’s business is called: Grow Your Own Happiness

11.12.16  The placebo effect is described and discussed along with topical music such as, ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ and ‘Lily The Pink’. Ruth’s guest is Gary Atkinson who has been investigating some of the research and outcomes of using placebos. These have been across a wide range of applications and how the findings place new challenges upon modern medicine. Identifying what triggers our natural ability to heal is of great interest.

20.11.16  Near death experiences is the curious topic of discussion in this radio show. Ruth’s guest, Sonia Parker, outlines her dissertation research and describes some accounts of near death experiences. In particular, Sonia promotes the experiences of Anita Moorjani documented in ‘Dying To Be Me’ (2012). Sonia can be contacted about topic at The Spiritual Centre

13.11.16  What we’ve learnt and what we’d like to change in life is the topic of discussion on this radio show, with ten people from Chelmsford describing their views.  Things the group would like to change include a shift to world peace and more love. The timing for the start and finish of this show is offset by about eight minutes.

06.11.2016  20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with Dyslexia ( 1.10.16), is the article of discussion. Ruth brings some opinions of her family into the show. Thanks to her non-dyslexic sister Fiona, mother Catherine and partner Gary for their comments and contributions. Raising dyslexia awareness is something the life-matters show likes to do!

30.10.2016  Psychological Counselling is described by chartered psychologist Abigail Eldred, with demonstrations of mindfulness exercises and encouragement to live in the now. Abi provides Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy (EMDR) from her practice based in Chelmsford at Cornerstone Psychological Services

23.10.2016  The Ancient Art of Divining.  Guests Sonia Parker and Bruce Clifton of The Spiritual Centre  describe and discuss the art of divining and dowsing. They explain that we can all use this natural method to help us find answers in everyday life. This show is available to listen to though ‘Catch Up’ on Chelmsford Community Radio.

16.10.2016  The Authentic Self & Positive Words.  Without a guest, Ruth reflects on the challenge of being an authentic self. The power of positive words, affirmations, ‘The Miracle of the Water’ (Masaru Emoto) and ‘The Power of Now’ (Eckhart Tolle) are introduced.

09.10.2016  Introducing Spititualism with guest Margaret Johannessen, secretary at Chelmsford Spiritualist Society. Welcoming all, Margaret talks about spiritualism as a way of life, rather than a religion. She describes being brought up in a spiritual family and being advised to keep her spiritual experiences and beliefs close to her chest. Margaret describes the work of Chelmsford Spiritualist Society, welcoming all with an interest or even curiosity.

02.10.2016  National Dyslexia Awareness Week 2016.  Discussion about dyslexia and local events during awareness week (3-9 October). Guest Jarad Bates and Ruth Gravelle talk about their experiences as people with dyslexia. Songs by dyslexic artists included.