Ruth Gravelle has worked as a hypnotherapist and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy practitioner (QHHT) for more than 12 years. 

Ruth enables clients to:  

  • learn to relax / meditate / be peaceful 
  • promote self-healing
  • overcome traumatic event/s 
  • learn techniques to manage pain (chronic, emotional)
  • remove negative thoughts, fears & phobias
  • stop unhelpful habits  
  • manage weight
  • improve relationships
  • sleep well 
  • sleep through the night without frequent visits to the loo 
  • meet and work with your inner-child
  • recover memories
  • create a more positive mindset related to experiencing a learning difference such as dyslexia
  • improve your organisation skills, confidence with spelling, reading and study skills
  • experience regression therapy and/or,
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) – further details below.

5 minute Guided relaxation:

 What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis or trance is a natural state of consciousness experienced everyday by all people and some animals. We are in a hypnotic state just before we fall asleep and when we wake up. We are also in a hypnotic state when we are daydreaming, carrying out learnt activities such as driving, swimming or smoking, with the conscious mind becomes alerted immediately when required. Meditation is also a trance state. From this relaxed, yet lucid, perspective the process of hypnotherapy facilitates communication between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind. When in the relaxed hypnotic state, the unconscious mind is more receptive to the positive hypnotic suggestions, enable you to remove unhelpful beliefs and opinions; to change your mind at a subconscious level!

8 Minute Meditation:

40 minute Sleep Well hypnosis:

Is hypnotherapy suitable for me? 

Hypnotherapy is suitable for most adults, and some children. Hypnotherapy is not suitable for people with psychosis or certain types of personality disorder. It is not recommended for people with certain medical issues. If you have a medical issue you may be advised to first seek advice from your doctor before engaging with hypnotherapy. 

Images of people under hypnosis flapping their arms

…whilst clucking like hens has understandably put some people off! Like the make believe games of childhood, these participants have chosen to play along with the suggestions of the stage hypnotist. However, all hypnotherapy requires some ‘make-believe’, because it works with the creative part of our mind. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis with the client remaining in control the entire time they are in this relaxed, yet lucid, state of consciousness. We work with your powerful subconscious mind to make the healthy changes.

  • An individual hypnotherapy session in person (55 minutes) £65 (block of 4 sessions: £245
  • One-to-one QHHT appointment in person only (4 hours approx) from £245. 
  • stop smoking: online/in person: initial 55 minute session £65, and then, providing you are ready to stop smoking, up to three further 55 minute sessions in person at £60 (£180). Total cost: £245.  

Hypnotherapy usually takes place at Chelmsford Counselling and Therapy Centre, 14 Wells Street, Chelmsford, CM1 1HZ.  

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

QHHT may seem a bit “out there” for some, including lots of people I know, but if the idea of this self-empowering hypnotherapy method resonates with you, please read on and do get in touch to find out more. This therapy offers a wonderful opportunity for you to communicate with your subconscious mind and promote self-healing.  QHHT uses a specific visualisation hypnosis technique developed by Delores Cannon. Ruth was a student with Delores in 2013. 

In advance of your QHHT appointment you are required to write a list of specific questions you want answered. Typically, these will be related to health, relationship and life concerns or interests. During the first part of the session your therapist Ruth will encourage you to talk about your current life and go over the list of questions you have brought. She will explain the QHHT process, how the therapy will unfold in more depth and answer any questions you may have about the process.

Next, you are supported through visualisation into a deep level of hypnosis known as the Somnambulistic state, a state where we are all naturally a least twice a day; before we wake up and again as we drift off to sleep. Here you are guided though a past-life experience. Some people link to an earlier time in their current lifetime, whilst others report scenes of a another lifetime. It can feel rather like being in a lucid dream, whilst simultaneously able to answer questions aloud and report what you see. The regression and final part of the therapy session are audio-recorded for you. 

During the final part of the session your Subconscious responds to your pre-set questions and this is where the self-healing takes place. To optimise self-healing, the pre and post therapy activities are important to complete. These include the intention to heal, the preparation of questions and listening to the recording of your session in the days and weeks following QHHT. The testimonials below provide further description of experiencing a QHHT session facilitated by Ruth. 

Enquiries: ruth@rightmind.life, text/phone: 07919 405 501. Please include your mobile number when sending an email enquiry. 

Thereqhht logo are no guarantees, however, “Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations, except the limits of your own imagination”

About QHHT



Hypnotherapy and QHHT are not a replacement for medical care or treatment. They can help to bring about wellbeing at all levels (mind, emotions, body, spirit), making a positive difference, helping you to achieve a natural balance.

Delores Cannon videos – QHHT

QHHT Testimonials from Ruth’s clients 

I would like to thank you for the QHHT session on Saturday. I have been listening to the recording and I have researched a couple of facts and I was amazed by the accuracy. Something in me has definitely changed and shifted. Something has been shifted and I feel that I have a deeper connection with the different tiers of me. Thank you for making me feel comfortable,  safe and at the right place at the right time. You have obviously a special gift and I am grateful I have found you. I would recommend QHHT to anyone it has been an experience I will never forget. Thank you!!!

– Bruna

“I am writing to thank Ruth for the most wonderful and motivational session I had with her at the beginning of the year. Whilst hoping the hypnotherapy would be helpful I was unprepared for the feeling of peace that has stayed with me since the session. I have an absolute manic time since the beginning of the year and I truly believe I would not have managed or coped had I not been to see Ruth. I cannot thank you enough. I would highly recommend you, you made me feel safe and welcome.”

– Lisa

“If you’ve ever wondered anything like ‘Who am I and what am I doing here?’ or ‘Is there more to life than this?’ – then QHHT is the most effective way I have yet discovered to give you answers. I feel QHHT is an important therapy in the search for an understanding of our true nature, to gain a broader understanding of our level of consciousness and how we relate to the Universe. It is an effective tool to discover anything you have always wanted to know about ‘life, the universe and everything’ and to aid in discernment of the nature of the reality we find ourselves subjected to on a daily basis.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ruth as a QHHT practitioner, her kindness, patience and awareness enhances the overall experience, which will undoubtedly increase your own level of awareness.”

– Rose

“When I arrived for therapy, Ruth was glowing with energy and a spiritual light was beaming through her eyes. I was immediately made to feel safe, warm and comfortable. I received a professional presentation on QHHT, and then during the treatment, I could feel a deeply powerful healing taking place. It was amazing.

As I described what was happening in my body, Ruth seemed to be totally in tune with me and able to sense what I was experiencing. She facilitated the questions with remarkable ability and cleared me of bodily tension, wounds from the past, karmic links and helped me with future plans and requests. I did feel tired that evening, but the next morning, I woke feeling totally refreshed, and realised that a deep cleansing had taken place. I felt lighter and ready to embrace change.”

– Moira

Hypnotherapy / Past Life Regression

“I must admit I approached the session that I had arranged with Ruth with a good deal of trepidation and nervousness. This was partly because it felt like a step into the unknown but also concerned as to what dark secrets might be revealed.

I had read a fair amount about Past Life Regression and understood how people had found it a therapeutic and life changing experience. I did not have any such expectations, but was looking forward to gaining an increased self awareness and perhaps a better understanding of life, death and beyond.

The actual session was nothing too frightening. It felt like I had relaxed into a half sleep, but was prevented from falling to sleep properly because part of me was in a conversation. I was aware that I answered questions directly, without going through the usual rationalising process. The answers came directly from somewhere deeper.

Although I am still slightly confused as to what happened whilst in a semi conscious state, after my session I was left with a sense of reassurance and knowing. I found the experience to be both exciting and comforting at the same time. I am enthused to find out more, both personally and from a wider perspective. It has made me less anxious and stressed about work and day to day life as I seem to have an understanding that all will be well. Whatever I do or don’t reveal in future about my own life and how that fits within the universe, I feel now that it is enough to know there is so much more to life.”


“I have had therapy with Ruth. She has helped me so much with issues from my past especially my childhood. I have been on an emotional and painful journey thru my life which has affected all my relationships including the one with myself. Thanks to Ruth I have put the past behind me and have learnt to forgive myself and also to love myself. I am discovering me ! You are never to old and it is never to late to do this. Ruth is so warm, empathetic and non judgemental. She is truly professional. I highly recommend her.”

– Sally, January 2018

“I recommend Ruth as a therapist. She provided 5 sessions for my teenage son who had a big anger issue. I attended the first 2 appointments with him. Ruth facilitated this work with great care and insight. We both practised the relaxation exercises, and then M had 3 further hypnotherapy/counselling sessions. These sessions have made a huge positive difference. I have my son back. Thank you so much Ruth.”

– anonymous mum, 2017

“Ruth is an extremely warm empathic lady. I always look forward to my therapy sessions with her. I have attended five of six planned sessions to date and there is noticeable progress. I feel I am achieving my planned goal.”

– Jude

Ruth gave me a series of wonderful and relaxing sessions that helped me to reduce stress from a busy working life. I feel that my personal and work life has regained a better balance after these sessions.”

– John

Hypnotherapy To Support Dyslexia

“Before visiting Ruth I had been hypnotised twice in order to give up smoking as the first time it had failed to work. The difference I realised was empathy, the first hypnotist had clearly never been addicted to anything in his life, the second had, and due to that invisible understanding I was able to let my guard down and be open to his suggestions. That’s why I knew it was important that I be hypnotised by a fellow dyslexic and the moment Ruth’s voice slightly faltered, when she spoke of having a hard time at school herself, I knew I had made the right choice in therapist.

Dyslexia is really just a different way of processing information, which is why I think hypnotherapy works so well for it, as it uses the language of images, feelings and intuition – a far more streamlined way of communicating for most dyslexics when trying to get rid of a feeling that words can’t… quite… put… our… finger… on, words just don’t seem, well, enough.

Because that’s it, words aren’t enough, I can tell myself I’m not thick but in the past I would feel a huge hot weight inside me whenever I was taken out of my comfort zone and asked to do something that I had been told dyslexics would find hard. When someone would find it funny that my spelling was so bad or I still can’t drive, I would fight back the internal lava of ‘ahhh they think I’m retarded’ or even worse that black iron word LAZY. I would tell myself that I was creative, right brained dominant and that it didn’t matter, but it did matter, it mattered because I still felt upset even though logically I know I had no reason to.

And it’s strange, the only way I can describe the effects after being hypnotised by Ruth, are that I no longer second-guess myself. This may seem a small thing, but to me it’s massive. I’ve taken the pause, the ‘hmmm I probably don’t know this because I’m dyslexic’ out of my train of thought, things now feel just that little less ‘gunked up’. You would be surprised how easy things become when you just stop thinking so much about whether you can do them or not.

When I was ‘under’ I remember Ruth asking me what my subconscious wanted to tell my conscious mind, the message was a slogan I have often seen, “What other people think about you is none of your business” and that has stuck. You might read that just as I had in the past, and think , “Well I know that”, but do you feel it? I hadn’t, just as I hadn’t felt that dyslexia was just a learning difference not a disability. I know both those things now.”

– Miranda

Hypnotherapy to support a phobia

“I visited Ruth for hypnotherapy as I was experiencing an unusual phobia of swimming pool floors. I was keen to swim again and improve my health but this was a hinderance. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and a friend recommended I visit Ruth, who was kind, understanding and helped me to relax my mind and body and develop a better understanding of my fears. After three session I now walk confidently barefoot on the floor at the swimming pool. Thank you Ruth.”

– Maggie