Words have Power, influencing how we think and behave. Repeating positive words through daily affirmations can help us make the healthy changes we choose. It’s important to repeat affirmations in the present tense, using the ‘Power of Now’ (Echart Tolle) to influence our future. It is hoped that the following affirmations, several of which were produced by Louise Hayes, will inspire you identify the right words for you.

“I am happy”

“I am healthy”

“I am wise”

“The past is over”

“I love myself”

“I am very well organised”

“All is well in my world”

“I give myself permission to be all that I can be”

“My thoughts are creative”

“I say OUT to any negative thought that come into my mind”

“I am peace”

“Peace begins with me. The more peaceful I am inside, the more peace I have to share with others. World peace really does begin with me.”