Dyslexia Book

Written and illustrated for the teenage and adult market by Ruth Gravelle

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Paperback: 72 pages
Publisher: Egon Publishers Ltd (Sept. 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1904160859
ISBN-13: 978-1904160854

Written for the teenage and adult market to improve shared understanding, the lively illustrations together with the words in this book can enlighten and inspire its readers. ‘Inside-out’ describes aspects of dyslexia through pictures and words; showing how it can feel to experience this type of learning difference; helping people to understand their experiences, recognise their potential and inspire them to develop further skills and strategies to cope.

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  • Helps my pupils know they are not alone:-)
    By Reluctant city dwellers on 21 April 2015
    I teach dyslexic students from age 5 – 18. I’ve used this book to help them see that they are not alone in the difficulties they experience. For example one pupil recently asked why it was that he could learn words and spell them correctly for a spelling test, but then not spell them correctly on the same day when writing a story. I showed him a page in this book to help explain why – marvellous!
  • 2015 – Friends with dyslexic older children? This witty and compassionate book by Ruth Gravelle offers support and encouragement
  • Daniel Osmond 22 September 2008. This book is great because it uses mainly pictures to show what dyslexia can be like. Some things are missing, but that’s okay because the this can encourage people to identify and talk about their own experiences
  • By A Customer on 14 Aug. 2005
    A different one! this is one of the few books that i have seen on dyslexia that is actualy aimed at young people as well as beying frendly with them it comununicates on there level (as opposed to the mojority of the books which tend to be very complicated)
    the book uses images and a line or two to explain the situation followed on by a solution or three of what you could do to help yourself the author of this book seems to have put in a lot of effort into making a book that explains dyslexia well without using wordy explanitions
    overall i would recomend this book to both those with and without dylexia. Dave dyslexic age 16By
  • A Customer on 7 Sept. 2005
    I am always on the lookout for books and tools on dyslexia to help my very bright but severely dyslexic 17 year old godson, and bought this one recently – and I don’t think it’s putting it too strongly to say it’s really changed his life. For the first time, he says he didn’t feel lectured or put off by big blocks of text or difficult language; he “got” the artwork and became extremely enthusiastic that someone (the author and illustrator) really understood how it was for him – apparently she is herself dyslexic. He’d always had problems at school because despite being diagnosed dyslexic, he still considered himself educationally subnormal, and so dropped out after failing all his GCSEs – but now feels inspired to test himself by taking an NVQ course at his local college – an inspiration he credits to this little book. Not so little if it can have that effect! Bought on a whim but worth its weight in gold. Highly recommended.